t4h VMS

We have a savvy team of technologists who create unique and agile solutions that enable human resource, procurement, and talent sourcing professionals to maximize profitability, optimize their non-employee labor programs, and gain visibility into their extended workforces. We offer an array of workforce technology solutions for contingent staffing, services procurement, and resource tracking.

t4h VMS is our transformational cloud-based vendor management system (VMS) platform. Our solution is built on the newest and most flexible technology stack and is imbued with integration and system capabilities that are redefining the concept of a VMS platform.

Technology for sourcing, managing, and optimizing your contingent workforce.
• Learn how the newest and most customer-centric SaaS vendor management system (VMS) platform is disrupting the talent solution marketplace.
Total Talent Management

• The concept of achieving Total Talent Management (TTM) from a technological and go-to-market (GTM) perspective has been on the minds of human resource (HR) and procurement leaders for many years. The changing dynamics of how organizations get work done combined with the evolving nature of the workforce are driving companies to rethink their approach to sourcing, developing, and retaining talent.
• Organizations with defined practices around both permanent and non-employee workers are re-evaluating their talent strategies and developing a total talent mindset and model which takes a holistic view of the entire workforce and integrates the full spectrum of workers, including professional services providers, consultants, and independent contractors. However, few organizations have achieved true TTM maturity in their workforce solution, with full visibility and control of all talent types and channels.