For Employers

Finding the Talent You Need

Our promise to healthcare employers is simple:  We will find the hard-to-reach talent you’re searching for faster than any other workforce partner.  How?  It comes down to a number of factors.  Our business has been engineered around proven technology and methods to work smart and adopt a 24/7 sourcing approach.  With operations around the world, we have a global reach, yet we’re passionate about delivering local account support.  It’s a combination that works well.

Fanatical about People

Twelve years ago, our story began with a fanaticism for delivering opportunities for doctors and nurses, together with the belief that a small team, that focuses on customer outcomes and SPECIALIZES in healthcare, can produce better results for hirers and candidates alike.   Today, we connect healthcare professionals with top hospitals and medical facilities.  Ours is a talent pool of some of the best and brightest healthcare talents.  

There are more patients seeking healthcare and more facilities looking to hire than ever before, which means the job market for skilled medical providers is growing. Take advantage of this upswing by getting in touch with the experts at t4h.  Our role is to  assign physicians, physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs), CRNA, and dentists for short and long-term positions at hospitals, medical practices and organizations across the United States.

  • Committed to finding best-fit placements that represent a win: win for employers and placements
  • Comprehensive onboarding support
  • offshore background check services
  • Lifelong learning programs

Committed to Innovation

Technology plays a leading role in the talent industry.  With so many applicants for some roles, finding the best-fit talent can be time consuming.  This is where technologies like artificial intelligence and software robots come in.  We use the latest digital talent platforms to transfer operational best practices and economies to our customers.  Technology also helps us to manage risk and streamlines processes, so you know when you’re working with talent4health to source your on-demand talent, you’re in safe hands.  

DIRECT SOURCING and VENDOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS (VMS) are two good examples of technology-enabled innovation that makes a real difference to our healthcare customers.  We have access to best-in-class digital platforms and leverage our domain expertise to advise healthcare employers on how to practically apply and resource these modern technology tools to deliver business economies and productivity rewards.

 And one last thing; recruitment bias can be an unfair tax on great talent.  We work to eradicate recruitment bias from recruitments by embracing methods and tools that proactively counter any recruitment bias that might exist.  

What makes us different?  We:

  • Leverage the latest digital platforms to automate recruitments
  • Embrace artificial intelligence and technologies like blockchain to harvest talent pools in smarter ways
  • Ensure transparency by adopting business analytics and comparison benchmarks
  • Protect personally identifiable data (PII) by design
  • Counter recruitment bias

Always Investing in Relationships

We know how important it is to build trust in relationships to get the most out of them.  We know trust comes from ‘doing the right thing’ time and again.  That’s why we’re committed to achieving above and beyond results for our customers.  We know our customers expect more of t4h than any other staffing partner because we have a reputation for finding the hardest-to-reach healthcare talent.  To make sure we retain our DELIVERY PROMISE, we underpin every talent sourcing program with dedicated account teams supported by (local and offshore) teams operating 24/7 to fulfil on-demand talent requirements.  You won’t be surprised that many of our recruiters have worked all their lives supporting the healthcare industry and know it intimately.  Our global talent reach and offshore centers give us an unfair service deliver advantage coupled with the lowest operational cost footprint in the industry.

  • Global reach, local account teams
  • 24/7 talent fulfilment (thanks to on/off-shore model)
  • Healthcare specialist recruiters
  • Advisory-led approach

A Minority-Owned Business

We’re a Minority-Owned Business.  Over 70% of our workforce come from minority groups.  We’re also a business that believes fundamentally in fairness and delivering a level playing field to people of all denominations.  Our induction and training programs promote our approach to fairness and wellbeing.  We also sponsor SOCIALJOY, an independent third-party program that promotes inclusion and fairness in the workforce.

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