TravCon 2022: What we learned

Here are some of the insights we gathered from our fellow travel nursing industry peers in the Travcon 2022 event this month.

Travel Nursing with Friends: Our Top Tips

Are you a travel nurse with friends working in the same profession? Here’s why you should consider taking an assignment together.

What does the future hold for Travel Nursing?

Can travel nursing handle the pressure of continued resignations and the threat of a recession? Let’s discuss what the future holds for it.

Find adventure at any age as a travel nurse

There is a misconception that being a travel nurse is a career exclusively for younger people. Here’s why its not the case.

Considering a career break? Try travel nursing!

Are you a nurse who is considering a career break? Here are some reasons why travel nursing may be the perfect option for you.

Fun things to do while in Las Vegas for TravCon

Going to Las Vegas for TravCon? Here we have compiled fun tips on what to do and where to go, in case gambling is not your thing!

Tips on how to save money as a travel nurse

I am a saver through and through, so from one money saver to another, here’s my tips on how to save money as a travel nurse.

How to make the most money as a travel nurse

Looking to earn more money as a travel nurse? In this article, we’ve compiled some tips for maximizing your income.

Top things to do in NY for travel nurses

New York is one of the top spots to work as a travel nurse. Here we present some tips on what you can fit into your busy schedule.

Tips on ‘switching off’ for Healthcare Workers

Jobs in healthcare can be as draining as it is rewarding. I asked a palliative care nurse for tips on how to switch off after a tough shift.

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