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The healthcare market in 2023

Talent ManagementThe healthcare market in 20238 min readHaving an understanding of the healthcare market should be a first priority to healthcare providers. It’s essential to understand the good, the bad, and the ugly of the healthcare industry and, more importantly,...

Get your healthcare workforce strategy prepared for 2023

Discover what talent leaders need to know about establishing an effective healthcare workforce strategy for 2023.

Why you should embrace empathy in healthcare

Empathy is associated with a number of benefits. Here’s why healthcare providers and practitioners should embrace it.

Tips for embracing technology to improve patient care and fulfil workforce needs

There is a need for reforms in the healthcare industry. Healthcare providers need to embrace technology, and here’s how.

Where does the U.S. sit in the global healthcare environment?

American healthcare institutions are under serious pressure due to staff shortages. This is why the system is in a vital need of a reform.

TravCon 2022: What we learned

Here are some of the insights we gathered from our fellow travel nursing industry peers in the Travcon 2022 event this month.

Travel Nursing with Friends: Our Top Tips

Are you a travel nurse with friends working in the same profession? Here’s why you should consider taking an assignment together.

What does the future hold for Travel Nursing?

Can travel nursing handle the pressure of continued resignations and the threat of a recession? Let’s discuss what the future holds for it.

Find adventure at any age as a travel nurse

There is a misconception that being a travel nurse is a career exclusively for younger people. Here’s why its not the case.

Considering a career break? Try travel nursing!

Are you a nurse who is considering a career break? Here are some reasons why travel nursing may be the perfect option for you.

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