Travel nurse in New York

In New York travel nurses could make $10,000 or more a week. Yes, a week. In comparison, the average salary for a staff nurse in Texas is $75,000 – an amount a travel nurse in NY could make in two months.

Its unsurprising then that more travel nurses are taking roles in New York. NY is a big state with a lot of different things to do, with something for every person. If you are or are thinking about becoming a travel nurse in New York and want to know what kind of things you could get up to during your contract, here are some activities that the Big Apple has to offer you.

If you’re looking to relax

Are you a person who likes to relax when you leave the house? Or even enjoy the beautiful sights in NY? Well here are some suggestions for you.

See a secret 25 ft waterfall

It’s hard to imagine finding natural beauty in a busy state, but it is one of its hidden gems.  If you want to go somewhere that is even more magnificent than Central Park and significantly less busy, this is the place to go. Located on 51st Street, Turtle Bay, this charming spot is often only known by the locals and is a sight you shouldn’t miss when you visit Manhattan. Put your feet up, and enjoy the scenery.

Catch a movie at an outdoor cinema

Bored of watching Netflix indoors on your small TV after your shift? In various locations around New York, you can catch a movie at an outdoor cinema. So, get a blanket, put on your comfy clothes, and get your picnic ready. Without a doubt, watching movies this way is much more exciting. If you’re looking for a particularly memorable experience, visit Rooftop Cinema Club.

new york for foodies

Great spots for foodies

New York is known as a dream destination for foodies. The amount of different types of food you can try is impeccable. Everyone has a favorite, but it’s always fun to try something new. Travel nurses deserve a good food break. Here are some options to consider:


This is a popular choice, but it is popular for a reason. The food in Chinatown is some of the best you can eat. You do not want to miss out on these delicacies. Once you’re full, you can visit the local hang-out in leafy Columbus Park which is popular for Tai Chi, chess, and mahjong. Experience cultures you often wouldn’t, and immerse yourself in the Chinatown experience.

Rooftop Farm

A rooftop farm would most likely be a new experience for most. This 2.5-acre farm set on the roof of the Brooklyn Navy Yard offers an urban farm experience for city-dwellers, a novelty you really don’t wanna miss (especially if you’re from the country and missing home).

The entry is very reasonable compared to many other NY attractions, costing just $10 (between May and October). It offers beautiful city skyline views, and you can buy great quality produce. For foodies and home cooks, you can get all the fresh produce you desire while having a fun day out.

Activities for fitness fans

Aqua Cycling

If you’re looking to try a fun new fitness experience, aqua cycling is an underwater spin class in an 84-degree saltwater pool. Don’t worry if you can’t swim, the bikes are positioned in the pool, so your head and shoulders are above water. While you may find it easy to cycle above water, cycling under water is considerably harder. Resistance from the water acts as a natural weight, enhancing difficulty. If this interests you, pop down to the AQUA Studio NY in Tribeca. It’s a hidden gem perfect for any fitness enthusiast.

Puppy Yoga

Let’s be real, puppies are adorable. What would give you greater motivation to work out than working out with a puppy? It sounds like the cutest experience, and one I know I wouldn’t want to miss. It’s become more popular recently, and a lot of celebrities are enjoying this new workout regime. Is there a better way to de-stress after a shift? There is an upcoming puppy yoga experience on the 31st of July, so if you’re interested, find out more here.

For art lovers

Snug Harbor

For those who want to experience art in a relaxing environment, Snug Harbor may be the place for you. It used to be a retirement home for aging sailors, but now it is an arts center and botanical garden. On top of the arts center, it has nine distinctive gardens, so there’s a lot to see and you can keep coming back. It is located on the north shore of Staten Island, so you don’t have to worry about encountering many tourists here.


Bushwick can be considered the opposite of Snug Harbor. If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy spot featuring amazing graffiti and street art, this spot is for you. This location offers a more authentic experience, and is popular among locals. It’s the perfect place for urban art lovers.

Final Thoughts

We know that this is just a fraction of all that New York has to offer, these activities are easy to fit into your schedule as a working nurse and give you the ultimate NY experience. Whether you’re a foodie, into art, into fitness, or just wanting to relax, NY will have the perfect activity for you – so go and experience all it has to offer.

Chloe Mumford

Chloe Mumford


Chloe Mumford is a content writer and researcher for T4H. After completing her BSc in Sociology, Chloe transitioned over into the workforce management industry with an interest in talent solutions. She can be reached via LinkedIn.