When choosing a healthcare staffing agency there are a lot of options. There are currently 3,182 healthcare staffing agencies in the US. So, to make it easier for you here are some things you could be thinking about.

What is a healthcare staffing agency?

Healthcare staffing agencies are recruitment agencies that specialize in medical and healthcare staffing, such as travel nurses. For Healthcare workers looking for a change of pace or location, they can be the perfect solution. Additionally, recruiting from an agency is really useful for hospitals in need of a quick staffing solution. Therefore, there are plenty of opportunities.

Things to think about


Before you choose to sign up for an agency you first have to decide what you want out of the agreement. For example, if you want to travel to certain areas in the US, you may decide to choose an agency dependent on the locations they cover. This is something you may want to research or discuss with agencies that are of interest. Additionally, identifying the furthest you’re willing to travel may be beneficial. This allows you to be completely prepared when making a decision when travel comes into the discussion.


Have any friends and family been assigned to a healthcare staffing agency? If so, it might be useful to have a discussion with them about their experiences, and the agencies they have had a positive experience with. If this isn’t the case, then it may be helpful to look on sites like LinkedIn or look at their reviews.

Ask questions

If you can’t find what you want to know online, get in contact with the agency themselves to find out more. Don’t feel shy to ask plenty of questions to get the information you want to know.

What to look for in a healthcare staffing agency


This – I believe is one of the most important things to look for. There is nothing better in an agency than feeling like your recruiter understands you and wants what’s best for you. If a recruiter has your back, then you know that you will be okay. You need to trust that your assignments will suit your skillset and needs.

Support is key. A good agency will be there for you when you need it and will answer any questions you may have to make you feel at ease. It’s vital for a conversation with a recruiter to feel like a casual friendly interaction. It shouldn’t feel like an interview, but feel like you’re talking to an acquaintance or even a friend.


It can be important to some healthcare workers that they receive extensive and formal training, understandably so. If this is something you’re also expecting from your healthcare staffing agency, then it is important to contact the agency and find out the types of training they supply. It’s not good for agencies to throw their candidates to the wolves. They need to be ready from day one, and this is something that could make you feel much more comfortable and prepared while experiencing your first assignment. Talent4Health takes this very seriously and makes sure each of its candidates is adequately trained.

Diverse Experiences

If the reason for applying to a healthcare staffing agency is to travel, experience new things, and meet new people then find an agency that wants that for you also. One of the benefits of traveling as a healthcare worker is that you can find out what you like and dislike. From the working culture, to the locations, to the role itself. However, if you’re assigned to the same roles in the same places then this is less likely to happen. So, find an agency that will allow you to have experiences you will remember.

Final thoughts

The agency is there for your benefit and to find roles you will enjoy. This is why it is crucial to find one who will listen, support, and allow you to experience new things – if that’s what you desire. While this is not for everyone, it can provide amazing experiences for most. Remember – recruiters are there to help.

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Chloe Mumford

Chloe Mumford


Chloe Mumford is a content writer and researcher for US Tech Solutions. After completing her BSc in Sociology, Chloe transitioned over into the workforce management industry with an interest in talent solutions. She writes about on-demand talent solutions, Total Talent Management and the potential of talent technology. She can be reached via LinkedIn.