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Chloe Mumford

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There’s a big myth in the world of travel nursing: I’m too old to be a travel nurse. It is a myth that we must eliminate because it is most definitely not the case. You’re never too old to be a travel nurse, in fact, age can be an advantage. Travel nursing has no age requirement (other than being an adult), as long as you have experience in the nursing field.

In fact, the average age of travel nurses is 44. One of the respondents of the study was in their 70s, meaning if you’re fit enough, there’s no reason your age should be an issue. This idea of travel nursing being for the young is false. Age is just a number.


The advantages of travel nursing are the same – if not better

Young or old, being a travel nurse still has the same advantages: you get to enjoy better flexibility, good pay, have the opportunity to travel, gain new experiences, and meet new people. In fact, these advantages might be increased for travel nurses who are older. This could be the result of them having fewer obligations, such as raising young children. Don’t miss out on an amazing career, because you don’t think travel nursing is for older people. Instead, embrace this opportunity, and enjoy the benefits it brings.


If you have fewer responsibilities, so may your partner. This gives you the opportunity to bring your partner along on your assignments. This means you can have the experiences retirement would bring, such as travel. However, you will have even more funding to be able to enjoy it and have little to no financial worries.


Benefits of starting travel nursing at an older age

While there can be benefits to starting travel nursing young, there is also a wide range of benefits for starting it older. Here are a few.



Most people who decide to become travel nurses older will most likely have experience as a nurse. Travel nursing has grown in popularity in recent years, and because of this, the talent pool is much more competitive. The experience you may have acquired over the years working as a nurse will make you a desirable candidate. This in turn will provide you with more opportunities in travel nursing, and possibly better pay.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are looking for nurses with years of experience, who are comfortable working in high-stress environments – which could make you the perfect candidate.


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Find your love for nursing again

Nurses who have worked for an increased number of years have a higher risk of burnout. However, with travel nursing, you can not only choose your location but your specialty, meaning that you’re able to try new things in your career and find out what you truly enjoy. If you feel like your job has gotten dull and repetitive, this is the perfect way to rekindle your passion and love for nursing again.


Never stop learning

While you have years of experience, that doesn’t mean you’ve learned all that there is to know. Putting yourself in a new environment allows you to learn more about nursing, and even about yourself. It’s hard to grow if you’re stuck doing the same tasks in your workplace. This is why it’s crucial to get yourself out there in terms of new experiences, and more importantly, out of your comfort zone. Learn new skills, and learn to adapt while under pressure.


Final thoughts

There is no age limit to travel nursing. Being older doesn’t stop you from getting the same advantages as younger travel nurses. In fact, there might be even more pros. You may be at the time of your life when your children are older, and you finally have time for new experiences which you weren’t able to pursue before. If so, travel nursing can be perfect, and perhaps you could even share your travel adventures with your partner. Since travel nursing is only a short-term commitment, in-between assignments you have time to experience what life has to offer. Tick off your bucket list – it’s never too late.


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Chloe Mumford

Chloe Mumford


Chloe Mumford is a content writer and researcher for Talent 4 Health. She has a BSc in Sociology, and enjoys writing about travel and the healthcare industry. She can be reached via LinkedIn.